Credit Requirements

The courses offered through DCDAL translate into credits/units that can be applied toward a Groves diploma. To graduate from Groves, students must earn 24 units of high school credit.

The following credits required are:

Subject Area

Units of credit


4 units of credit

Social Studies*

3 units of credit


4 units of credit


3 units of credit

Foreign Language

2 units of credit


.5 units of credit

Career Pathways

3 units of credit


4.5 units of credit

*Including 1 unit of credit in US History

**Including 1 unit of credit in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry

***Including 1 unit of credit in Biology

The workload for a DCDAL Groves course is often more demanding than in a traditional classroom because each course is equivalent to two full semesters of course work although offered in shorter time frame. Students may earn two credits per semester. Students may earn the necessary credits in several ways:

§ Students may transfer credits earned in other states and other accredited schools to DCDAL. Students who have not participated in Groves before should have all relevant transcripts sent to DCDAL and speak with a  counselor to determine how many additional credits are needed.

§ Students attending other Groves sites may earn additional credits by taking DCDAL Groves courses.

§ Students may earn a total of 10 units of credit by meeting the requirements for the CEA3 (Certificate of Educational Attainment)

§ Credits may be awarded for approved employment or training experience.

§ Credits may be awarded upon completion of approved vocational or apprenticeship courses.

§ Veterans may be granted credit based on military training and service.

§ Higher education courses will be awarded credit as designated by Delaware Department of Education policy.

§ Certain community service experience may be approved for a unit of credit.

§ Credits may be earned through participation in approved internship programs.



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